Tape Wrangler ProSeal 200D 

Cutting edge technology, premium grade, and superior performance easily describes our 2” Tape Wrangler ProSeal 200D. Supreme quality, this top notch tape dispenser has revolutionized packaging applications through excellent tension control, lightweight handling, and smooth cutting.

Other qualities that this dispenser retains are a mounting bracket which allows you to house this on a wall so that it remains easy to locate and organized. Secondly it’s equipped with handy tools that are commonly needed during packaging such as a tape measure, ink pen, and box cutter. Lastly it’s applicable for not only packing tape, but duct tape, aluminum foil tape, and striped aisle marking tape too!



SKU Description Dimensions (W x L) Pack 1-9 cs 10-19 cs 20+ cs Additional info  
20175 Tape Wrangler ProSeal 200D 1 Piece $24.50 $21.00 Call Us No info available