Stretch Wrap 

If your problem is finding an effective method/ low cost/ safety measured shipping approach, well we have your solution. If you’re skeptical about those poly strapping bands loosening on the product due to the normal shifting during the shipping process, we have your solution. If those bungee cords, wire, or twine cause you to have doubt for ;ful product delivery, then we have your solution. Stretch Wrap is quite safe for all forms of shipping because it possess the ability to hold products tightly in place. Totally self-adhering, as each layer clings to the other it provides maximum stability, especially for those delicate items, abnormal shaped products, and heavy loads!

We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com stock all types of bulk stretch wrap, from cast stretch, blown stretch, and machine stretch to eco-friendly, economy, bio-degradable, uvi, vci, anti-static machine film, stretch netting, and vented pallet wrap.

Stretch Wrap is great for protecting items against moisture, dust, scratches, and severe damages. We supply a full catalog of various sizes, forms, and styles of Wrap.  With our state of the art wrapper machines we manufacture it at a high level and fast rate. Our prices prove it, our reputation is noteworthy, and our passion is to please our customers. Let us be your first or new and final source for wholesale Stretch Wrap. You’ll be satisfied!