Packing Tape 

Highly indispensable, what would shipping and packaging be without the wonderful asset of Packing Tape ? We use it for multiple reasons including, gift wrapping, sealing items for storage, repair, safety, and arts and crafts to name a few.

All of these ensure both split and tear resistant performance features which are ideal for sealing and mailing medium to heavy packages. Available in both 2” and 3” sizes, we offer premium quality ones like in acrylic machine length, hot melt machine length, natural rubber, printed carton sealing, and industry standard clear packing, hot melt packing and tan packing. We also sell small pack carton sealing tapes for those who desire a small quantity. It’s equally important for moving, shipping, storage, and packaging as shipping mailers, stretch wrap film, and ziplock bags are.

Our goal is to supply superb Custom Packing Tape at Wholesale in bulk that will allow you to accomplish your tasks fully. We aim to be your complete source through competitive low pricing, and friendly/professional service. We carry standard grade dispensers as well as the superior grade tape wrangler!