Economy Stretch Wrap 

The advantage of using Economy Stretch Wrap versus any other means for load securing is incomparable!  First of all it protects products from dust, moisture, and dirt. Secondly it’s quite safe for all shipping because it possess the ability to hold products tightly in place.  Lastly it’s budget friendly! Economy Stretch Wrap by far is less expensive than any other source of shipping equipment; preferably others have chosen this type of stretch wrap over cast stretch film and blown stretch film.

We offer a vast line of Cheap Stretch Wrap such as our banding stretch wrap, extended core stretch wrap, extended core pallet wrap, hand stretch wrap, machine stretch wrap, and ourcolor pre- stretch wrap.

You’ll surely be impressed with this application because it’s our most premium/high performance grade of stretch wrap. With its enhanced strength and stretch characteristics this stretch wrap allows you to experience minimum film usage while providing maximum load-holding power.