Handy for storing items such as food, office equipment, nuts, bolts, screws, artistic tools, sports memorabilia, hygiene products during travel, clothing and criminal evidence, and so much more.

Our premium quality wholesale plastic bags are tested and measured to endure and withstand usage for a variety of applications. We stock bulk amounts in 2 and 4 millimeter thickness and we offer unique versions in Hang Hole White Block, and Slider/Zipper too! Each style of bag contains a durable seal that prevents leakage or oxygen which enables your valuables to remain fully fresh and protected. Depending on usage, these are reusable Ziplock bags.

Thousands of customers have chosen us as their one stop shop for their Ziplock Bags needs. Satisfaction guaranteed you’ll notice we offer extremely low prices! We are your most trusted source for premium industrial tape, shipping/mailing envelopes, stretch wrap, industrial/medical gloves, and healthcare packaging products too!

Also for sample requests; please don’t hesitate to email us your address and we will gladly ship your requested samples. Give us a call if you have any questions about our plastic bags.