18" Coreless Hand Stretch Wrap 

No breakage, no strain, no waste, no ;ure. There is no headaches when you select our 18” Coreless Hand Stretch Wrap ! Eco-friendly, you’ll benefit from this product because it eliminates core storage and disposal costs. Premium quality, it protects your shipments from puncture, moisture, dirt, dust and frigid conditions. Superior performance, its low clarity attribute will guard against light reflection making it easier to view product codes from a distance when stocking. Unlike blown stretch film pallets don’t stick together during shipments. This wrap negates labor strain and film wastage when applied.

SKU Description Dimensions (W x L) Thickness (Gauge) Pack 1-9 cs 10-19 cs 20+ cs Additional info  
20296 18'' 2000'/Roll Hand Saver Coreless Pre-Stretch Wrap 18 x 2000 Feet 8 Rls/Cs $69.95 $65.95 Call Us Specifications
20297 18'' 2000'/Roll Coreless Pre-Stretch Wrap 18 x 2000 Feet 1 Rl/Cs $9.77 $8.37 Call Us Specifications