Biggest Deals and Offers in 2014 from PackagingSuppliesByMail

2014 has consistently been a memorable year for PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com in terms of discount specials, product exclusivity for medical and industrial supplies, customer base growth, sales quotas, business expansion and much more.

Summarizing the journey in a few words may be an underestimating task due to numerous events, seasonal discounts, customer benefits and achievements favoring the leading online store of industrial and medical supplies. So far, 2014 has been an eventfully progressive year for the brand name. Many fantastic experiences have proved to be beneficial for both new and existing customers.

The Jubilant January

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com welcomed January 2014 in ecstatically as the buyers and sellers both were in a jubilant mood. As the New Year took off, we launched a wide range of new products that particularly catered to specific shipping applications. The fresh stock included ziplock bags, shipping mailing envelopes, a huge variety of packing tapes and stretch wrap film for both residential and company purposes. This boosted the market by enhancing performance standards and infusing an overall jubilant mood from consumers. Not to mention, many buyers were satisfied because of the enhancement they experienced in packaging and shipping procedures.

The facilitator February

February followed January by offering various discounts in forms like seasonal offers, Valentine’s Day specials and free shipping on many products. Continuous discounts and coupon offers made PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com a nationally recognized leader and proved that their services were exemplified through integrity and quality product. Shipping mailers such as poly mailers, poly bubble mailers, Kraft mailers, returnable mailing envelopes, glamour bubble mailers were favorites for various reasons, most of all though, for successfully being a reputable source for offering successful delivery.

The Matchless March

Unmatched was March as they continuously upgrade their product range, introducing new products that successfully doubled their sales figures. This added strength to their established name and more recognition as a top competitor in providing premium packaging supplies.

The April Reminiscence

In the month of April, the company saw a trail of recurring customers due to added improvement on certain products, plus by providing free shipping awards to buyers who at least purchased $100 worth of product. This swift online shopping strategy improved the rate of visitors and potential buyers to their website which made it a profitable time of the year for all.

The Mystic May

Drawbacks are to be expected in this field of business process, and since PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com isn’t exempt from imperfection, they partook in a portion of humble pie so to speak. This month sales figures declined slightly, the reason why, re-creation of their website. Some transactions were left incomplete which panicked the visitors as orders weren’t completed. However, necessary troubleshooting steps were promptly set up to control the situation.

The June transition

The 6th month of the year witnessed the transition phase of the company, where many products, their types, size and availability were changed in concordance to the ordering requirement invoked by suppliers. Nevertheless, the company made the necessary arrangements prior, allowing them to sail through the transition phase without affecting the online orders and transactions.

The Justified July

Promoting the feeling of freedom and equality, in celebration of the 4th July- Independence Day holiday, PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com launched offers on all shipping mailers, stretch wraps, and packing tapes. It enabled customers to purchase top rate shipping tools that would keep their items safe and secure, eliminating concerns about unsatisfactory delivery experiences.

The Accommodative August

When many online stores were struggling to obtain website traffic and new customers, PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com was finding it difficult to accommodate the rush of new and existing customers. This high demand was a direct reciprocation of the low cost high performance products—especially shipping mailers and stretch wrap film—that was buzzing around the industry.

The Sustainable September

The overstock sale special announced in September, sustained well throughout this month as visitors were pampered with huge discounts for bulk products. It was a great chance for vendors to stock up the inventory and sale single unit quantity in retail for a higher price. Many wise individuals and companies took fair advantage of the benefits that this sale offered.

The October Opulence

The extensive range of industrial and medical supplies diversified when the bundle pack option was offered. As a result, a variety of instant first aid medical relief combinations were easy to obtain and helpful for purchasers who needed the option that was provided. This handy medical aid, abled buyer to easily carry much needed medical items in handbags, backpacks and travel kits during their commutes.

The Novel November

Celebration of Thanks Giving Day increased in manifold amounts when continuous saving specials were announced on the website for retailers and wholesalers, with none of the product quality compromised, substituted or degraded. Moreover, the company has always upgraded the existing variety of mailing envelopes and stretch wraps in terms of craft and design to deliver high performance standards.

The Divine December

The holy holiday month of Christmas has many Santa Claus surprises in store for all the customers. Exchanging gifts across business and family networks aren’t cheap yet through the resources made available by PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com, guaranteed holistic shipping aided in delivery success!

Packing List Envelopes! “They help organize, identify and simplify your shipments”

When it comes to the hustle and bustle, fact paced, rampant holiday shopping season, many companies often find themselves slammed with order forms up to the ceiling (not a bad thing at all). However, during such an intense demanding process, it’s good to have a product that you can rely on to level out the confusion.

Packing List Enclosed EnvelopesWith that being said, Packing List Envelopes is the type of source that bridges that gap between error and excellence, ignorance and information, and mistakes and mission accomplished. If anything, the last thing you as a business need to do is have malfunctions in your shipment process and destroy potential long term customers with an insufficient impression.

So at this point you may be wondering why do I need Packing List Envelopes and in what ways will they improve my shipping techniques?

Below are some ideas that will bring insight to why Packing List Envelopes are the source for your company:


More so for your customers, Packing List Envelopes aid in directing the shipping and receiving departments of your customers. By removing the invoice or order quantity form, they’re able to understand what type of product they’ve just received without going through the hassle of opening the package and possibly mishandling the item.

Packing List Envelopes proactively acts as a source of mistake and disorganization prevention. They add efficiency, enhance safety and display professionalism in concordance with your deliveries.


Packing List Envelopes easily allows customers to understand what their package entails. Accordingly, they enable quality control methods to go smooth because the receiver can at least have a projected number to compare their count processes with. Depending on the kind of product you sell, packing lists can surely be helpful when small large quantity items or bulk case quantities are being delivered.


Packing List Envelopes simplifies communication between the customer and consumer. The reason being, sometimes order entry mistakes occur and they bring customer relations to a harmonic resolution. However, these envelopes house important data that can work as a communication guide and ease tensions if an order was wrongly placed. In regards, they keep contractual information safe so that all understanding pertaining to various documents are safe.

Stretch Wrap- A Low Cost Safe Shipping Approach

If you are having trouble retrieving the lowest cost/effective method for a suitable shipping approach, then here’s a solution. Those poly strap bands may loosen because pallet shifting during the transportation process is quite normal. Wire, twine and bungee straps are also mediocre palletizing mechanisms that place shipments in high rate of damage occurrence during delivery.

Nonetheless, Stretch Wrap is considered the safest, and most economical of all types of shipping mechanisms in the industry. The reason being, it possesses the capacity to hold all items firmly in one place, negating damages. Stretch Wrap is completely self-adhering, meaning each layer clings to the other providing stability particularly for uneven shaped, fragile items and bulky goods.

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com stocks various kinds of stretch wrap like blown stretch film, cast stretch film, economy stretch wrap, VCI stretch wrap, UVI stretch wrap, bio-degradable stretch wrap, vented pallet wrap, stretch netting and the anti-static machine film for instance.

This product works excellent for protecting goods against dust, scratches, moisture and damages. Not only that, it’s inexpensive and PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is a worldwide leader in providing premium product.

stretch wrapStretch Wrap Film

It is available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 5” which work well for safe transportation methods. Ideal for bundling small packages, this cost effective product protects packages from all natural elements which often destroy products during storage and shipping. You’ll notice throughout their website a great range of this product is available in various gauge sizes, lengths, colors and mil thickness. Once again, the “narrow width” feature for Cast Stretch Wrap selection is handy for bundling small goods and stabilizing them for both shipments and storage practices.

Economy Stretch wrapCast Stretch Film

This is available in 12”, 18” and 15” sizes. This stretch wrap is durable and tough which makes it an excellent reason for successful shipping. The superb hand application is quite noted for great loading strength. The Cast Stretch Film delivers great visual clarity which allows for easy identification of goods, upgrading stock procedures and enhancing investments. This film is accessible for home and industrial use in many ways.

Quick Note

You can also choose from coreless stretch wrap, economy wrap, pre-stretch film with curved edges and other products too.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Wrap provides superb cling capability; tear resistance and an easy unwind feature. Whereas, the blown film offers amazing one side cling that has long lasting feature, holding strength and gloss reflection.

New Tips For Christmas Packaging With The Bubble Padded Envelopes

Bubble padded envelopes can be termed as the novel product which can be immensely used for packaging of all kinds of goods, be it for industrial or domestic use. With the Christmas season around round the corner, many exchanges of goods and gifts will occur across the globe. The point here is how many packages will actually sail through the thick & thin of the transit procedures to ensure damage free delivery within the confined time?

With the nearing festive season approaching, online and offline stores are filled with colorful packaging products, packing tapes and decorations in abundance. Seeing all these, you will get tempted to buy them. However, before considering any packing envelope, make sure the durability and resistance of the product is credible, if not, your surprise gift could be spoiled due to damage related reasons within the transit process.

Ideal Gift Packaging Ideas with Padded Mailing Envelopes

Use the colorful padding envelopes with the silver strip that doesn’t require anything additional for the gift packaging.

Ship all kinds of electronics safely using the Bubble mailing envelopes with minimal decoration and maximum impact.

A simple colored bow over the bubble padding envelopes will work best without much elaboration.

You can use colorful ribbons, small flowers or the glitter packing tapes to make the parcel look attractive.

Books, kitchen appliance, electronic device, confectionery, picture frames and utility products all will appear presentable in the best form to the recipient

Using some shiny décor can add the glitter and glitz to the package, making it an elite presentation

Desirable Features

As the name suggests, this shipping envelope incorporates thick layers of cushion padding which protects the sensitive and heavy duty products from any damage during the process of transportation.

Bubble padding makes the envelope flexible enough to accommodate small, medium and large size products despite uneven shapes and sizes.

Durability of the bubble padding envelopes is at its peak due to the extra built in strong design which makes them a preferred option over the bulky corrugated boxes.

Consider the lightweight bubble mailers they’ll save you $$$ enabling you to spend more on high valued gifts.

I am sure after reading the words above, creative thoughts has started bombarding your mind. Therefore, don’t wait any more and order bubble padded envelopes now! Save today, buy in bulk and be prepared to meet the holiday season demands safe and secure with Bubble Mailers.

Tis’ The Season To Be POLY! – The Durable Poly Mailer and Its Purpose For You

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the season of the holly jolly, and more than anything, the moment when you need a durable shipping mechanism.

Why Poly Mailers?

Maybe the question should be why not Poly Mailers? The reason being, the winter season brings forth constant bad weather that takes its toll on gifts, promotional materials and important documents that aren’t safely secured. There are other lightweight inexpensive shipping devices, yet they’re not as equipped to maintain quality performance during rugged weather conditions like rain, sleet and snow that are ever more prevalent during winter months.

Poly MailerAgain, why Poly Mailers?

Your jaw would drop if you got a short glimpse at how 3rd party shipping companies handle your packages during transit. Poly Mailers are constructed to defend against the pulling, snatching and pinching mishandling that are common nature in the shipping industry. You need a shipping/mailing device that cares, (because many of the workers handling your goods don’t) what I mean by that is this: Poly Mailers are equipped with an easy to use seal strip that protects goods from being tampered with during shipments. During this busy shopping season, theft is common at a high rate and most crooks look for an easy way to steal goods, however when they encounter the tight sealed Poly Mailer, they’ll realize that it’s not worth the time or effort and so they’ll move on.

Lastly, why Poly Mailers?

Affordable, plentiful and versatile are words that best describe the effects you’ll experience from this shipping tool. Corrugated boxes work well, but yet if your shipping across country, be prepared to receive high shipping charges (and who wants the added $$$ to send a gift). If you choose mailing tubes, they may work effectively but it will cost you an arm and a leg to use them to fulfill multiple shipments (as if you’re not already exchanging enough body parts to please your loved ones). Finally, versatility is key because Poly Mailers are a flexible and can be used for multiple purposes unlike stay flat envelopes which obviously can’t package round or irregular shaped items.

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com- The Only Low Cost Store For Industrial and Medical Supplies

Special offers, overstock Sales, limited coupon discounts are a few ways in which PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com rigorously approaches the market to promote its premium quality packaging products. Items such as Shipping mailing envelopes, Ziplock bags, Tape, Industrial gloves, Stretch wrap, Healthcare packaging products and more are popular products amongst the industry. With a myriad range of products offered, every packaging supply proves useful for specific domestic and commercial use.

The Perspective

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is no longer a start-up online vendor but an established one with consistent supplies of high quality products at reduced pricing without providing substandard quality products. With the concept of carefree shipping, this company understands the concerns of the business as far as how poor quality product directly impacts the delivery process and customer relations. Further, the shipping products offered like the mailing envelopes, poly bubble mailers, glamor bubble mailers, clear view mailers, returnable shipping envelopes are created to facilitate damage free delivery process and compliment the valued emotions of frequent users, who actually depend on these products for delivering their required utility.

The Products

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is endeared to present top quality packaging products that can facilitate through tough transportation norms and conditions. The lightweight shipping envelopes which are available in every possible shape and size, promotes secure and economic shipping without any tampering and safe delivery of parcels and consignments to national and international destinations. Carefully manufactured products to its minutest detail, they’re multi-purpose device for major routine applications. Stretch wrap, mailing envelopes, packing tapes are also “must have’s” for the offices, workplace, packers & movers and even for residential usage. Handy packaging aids like these, can work so well to keep stuff segregated yet organized for immediate access by anybody, anytime.

The Customers

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is totally customer centric which focuses to serve all their needs and applications of packaging supplies. Considering the inputs from customers, the company often provides new bundle packs of various products that are designed for particular use like travelling, medical, vacationing and relief. They realize it’s good to offer customers are great source of motivation to provide them with new varieties of packaging aids which can be utmost beneficial for general and particular use.

To meet the expectations of this huge asset, constant offers, discounts and coupons are rolled out for all customers, be it individuals, vendors or wholesalers so that they stock and save all the packaging products in bulk, without overspending or compromising the quality.

Profiting Offers/Discounts

The special offers and overstock sale are just examples of sharing the low cost benefit with customers directly by offering immediate coupons, special sale or seasonal offers on all industrial and medical packaging products. With the Holiday season beginning, shipments are bound to increase for which packaging supplies in quantity will be required. Purchasing single units may cost you more, rather than buying in volume. This allows users to cycle their budgets towards other operational tasks.

Great Deals and Discounts This Cyber Monday On Packaging Supplies

The Holiday season shopping carnival, which offers great savings opportunities, is soon to begin with the “Cyber Monday” bonanza. With the preliminary staging of this festive season already beginning, people are indulging in plentiful shopping for both industrial and medical supplies. White Block Ziplock Bags, Poly Bubble Mailers, Stretch Wrap, Packing Tape and Disposable Gloves to name a few, do not only provide great utility for homes and offices, but enable you to save great amounts of money by stocking the supplies in bulk at a low cost.


The concept of Cyber Monday came into existence through an online marketing retailer named who done an analysis of the 2005 spending patterns of online shoppers. It is now considered as the online version for Black Friday. Cyber Monday was mainly created to enable customers to comfortably shop from home through online retail, while having the ability to experience great sale discounts.

The next day after the Thanksgiving holiday spearheads the winter holiday season for shopping and obtaining huge sale discounts. Mortar and brick retailers on this day offer massive discounts and sales to allure customers, making it the busiest shopping days for the year. Many people try to take advantage of the offers during this time and stock products in bulk for an entire year.

What people do

Cyber Monday though is a public holiday. Many online retailers provide great deals by posting their sales and deals they’re offering on websites and online forums, several days and weeks ahead of time. Many people shop during working hours, surfing the web to find great deals.

As a matter of fact, several other countries, including Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom also now have their own version of Cyber Monday.

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com presents – “It’s Holiday Time”!!!

Tis’ the season to be jolly! Yes, we’re talking food galore, an abundance of sweets, candied canes, hot coco coco, laughter, family time, charity and gifting too (if your reading this hours before your lunch break, please excuse us). Sound exciting? Sound enjoyable? Sound enriching? I know it does, but there are a few other treats that will help compliment and coincide with the holiday festive.

Here at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com we specialize in offering relevant Packaging Materials that are effective for a wide range of purposes. We recognize how easy it is for one to become overwhelmed throughout the demand of that this season commands. Therefore, it’s our goal to make you aware of how we can service certain tasks and relieve, reduce and rescue you from those complications that hinder your joy during this season.

#1 Price Advantage

Glamour Bubble MailersOur November2014 sale is just right and timely for you! Save big on our Shipping Mailers during this month by entering this coupon code during the cart checkout tab. Premium Shipping Mailers is a great product to have, especially when your mailing out clothing articles to a loved one or your meeting the high fall color demands as a clothing retailer. Whichever works for you albeit our Poly, Poly Bubble or Kraft Bubble Mailers, we’re confident that this sale will allow you to be more generous, competitive and rewarding for both consumers and vendors alike.

#2 Relevance

Our Glamour Bubble Mailers or Metallic Bubble Mailers as some call’em, add pizazz to your gifting while simultaneously protecting your shipping requirements. With these mailers you can be assured that the receiver is going to be gladly astonished, and that your items will be secured safely. In the eastern and northern US continental states, the weather conditions are harsh at this time. Therefore it’s vital to have a shipping tool that is able to withstand various conditions but yet offer that surprise presentation you aim to fulfill.

#3 Conservation

2 mil ziplock bagsLet’s just face it, some of us are set in our ways and deem the simple old fashion way of doing things habitually gratifying (what did I just say?). Each year this season calls for the fond of memory sharing. You may be familiar with the scene I’m projecting—everyone gathered, soft music playing and laughter is circulating as the elders of the family pull out all types of past photos (some of us cringe at the exposure of selected pics). I know the mood is captivating but since I have your attention, have you ever thought about the instrument that is mainly housing most of those hard copy ancient pics? Yes, Ziplock Bags!

Not only do Ziplock bags offer an economical approach to conservation, but they’re a temporary solution for holiday food packaging too. Ziplock bags make it easier for the holiday host to bag up those holiday dishes and distribute them to many of folk. They seal freshness so that you can enjoy the savory taste you experienced a day or two prior. They’re also like aforementioned, excellent tools for conserving and storing heir looms and various supplies like ornaments and so forth.

As you can see, PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is you’re any-season source for industrial packaging materials. Make sure to visit our online store as we offer a complete catalog of various materials that are advantageous and helpful for your purposes.

Decorated Celebrations For The Thanks Giving Day Gear Up With The Colored Bubble Mailers

The attractive Colored Bubble Mailers are versatile to use for many occasion like the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. It is one dependable packing aid that initiates appel plus guarantees safe delivery for products. This feature adds to the merry of the festivities by making it larger than expected. These bubble mailers are lined with thick insulated cushion padding which guards products from receiving damages during the transit.

Why you should you use Colored Bubble Mailers during the Thanksgiving holiday?

  1. Attractive bright Packaging
  2. Secure Delivery
  3. Risk Free Transportation
  4. Excellent for Gifting & Promotions
  5. Unique outer cover
  6. Enhances the item anticipation for recipient
  7. Thick insulated bubble cushioning
  8. Self-sealing strip
  9. Easy Closure
  10. Perfect for that special someone or business affiliate

Thanks Giving DayYou can use Colored Bubble Mailers for both small and big size gifts or parcel packaging. These mailers are available in a multiplicity of shapes and sizes, making them accommodative for packaging various kinds of goods. In addition, the bubble padding inside safeguards the products from any kind of damages to ensure safe delivery of the parcel to the concerned destination.

Packing items in colored gift wrapping paper is a common way of presenting gifts to loved ones at occasions, isn’t it? Colored Bubble Mailers provides a more effective approach because the metallic exterior is more vibrant and eye appeling. Besides that, it’s shipment ready so you don’t need to buy add on supplies like you would if wrapping paper was your option for gift presentation. The convenience and availability of this gifting device is also great as they’re very accessible during online shopping tasks. Look, to make it simple and economical all you need to do is visit PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com and save by taking advantage of our special offers!

These readymade colorful envelopes are the exact fit you’ll need for holiday gifting. No need to look for adhesive tapes, ribbons and colorful papers to make your presents look attractive. This wonderful mailing envelope serves as a perfect packaging solution for individuals and businesses who desire to maintain cordial relations.

Colored Bubble Mailers are light in weight and handy to use which won’t add anything to the shipping costs unlike many other mailing devices.

Let PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com assist you in making the right choice for that perfect gifting device as you enjoy the holiday season.