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Restock Your Packaging Inventory With Overstock Specials

As of recent, the Overstock sale offered by PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is an opportunity for end users and vendors to save money by simultaneously upgrading their packaging needs. Likewise, because certain products are at a reduce cost, more purchasing power is allotted to the buyer to survey other needed materials throughout their website.

Reclosable Bags OverstockYou may be wondering how such a deal is possible. Well do to contractual agreements that don’t always go as planned, companies become overloaded with double or triple the inventory and an immediate focus is to move these products off their shelves. Therefore items such as contracts get cancelled due to various reasons which results in accumulating of shipping packing tape, envelopes, reclosable bags, produce bags and shipping mailing envelopes are highly advantageous through PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com.

Alternative marketing standpoint

Produce Bags OverstockA misconception associated with such seasonal enticements is poor product quality, damaged packing aids or clearance of dead stock. However, factors like transportation strikes are also major causes that can results uncompleted or delayed shipments and cash flow stall outs. In these instances, the goods are detained and conveyed back to the company for immediate sale, to prevent the degradation of packing supplies before the expiry date. Many vendors deal with excessive stock issues in which profit-loss is at risk because these aforementioned factors. Encountering such issues become crucial since abandoning the supplies without a reason may give a bad name to the company, resulting in revenue loss to investors and bankers. Necessary options like bulk pricing and measure adjustments may curb down the stock issue substantively and spark a rapid increase in inventory flow.

Further, it encourages the buyer’s market to enhance by affording them flexibility, low pricing and overall gross profit. Many consumer centric companies announce these types of offers while not compromising the integrity of the product.

Since, transportation costs fluctuate annually; both businesses and individuals seek opportunities to reduce their delivery costs on consignments. Since these are non-perishable goods, these products hold a substantial amount of shelf life, so having overstock at time can be useful as opposed to having inadequate stock to fulfill the need.

Individual’s Viewpoint

It is not to discard the global economic ambiguity. Clearly, consumers do not want to pay any more than their currently accustomed to for these products. Cost is one of the key considerations that influence buying decisions. Consumers tend to rush for purchases when running out of stock, instead of looking forward, like in regards to a “pantry-loading” approach.

Business Viewpoint

Businesses saving on expenditure costs have the freedom to extend their own discounts to customers. Also, they retain return customers, influencing their future buying patterns.

Inventory Handling & control is major issue which businesses have to face before predicting the consumer buying trends, which are frequently changing in terms of viewing, interacting and discarding packaging. Whether you are a product marketer or a manufacturer, you must know the importance of reflecting the user patterns in range of products.

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PackagingSuppliesByMail Launched Dedicated Digital Video Channel On YouTube

The video content from on Youtube caters to consumers with inside tips, useful information and the latest discounts for a wide range of industrial and medical packaging materials.

SOLON, Ohio (September 4, 2014):

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com, a leading industrial and medical packaging provider has come up with an out-and-out video channel on YouTube displaying various sorts of videos that offer unique as informative content for a widespread consumer base. These videos feature topics such as “how to choose”, “using guides”, “instructions”, “in-stock products”, “seasonal offers” & “discount-overstock sale” on industrial products like ziplock bags, packing tape, shipping mailing envelopes, stretch wrap along respective varieties.

Able to expand their prospective audience, this video library includes a series of videos that bring fresh facts and original trends about the packaging industry. What’s extremely helpful is that these videos depict basic routine applications of various products such as ziplock bags for storage use, stretch wrap for inventory managers, poly bubble mailers for homemakers and Glamour bubble mailers for small enterprises.

“With constant integration of new videos, we aim to serve involved, passionate and opinionated audiences. Packaging supplies is one of those popular searchable categories that many individuals and companies observe”, said Brian Ibold, sales manager of PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com.

Content is widely distributed across YouTube channel

This development empowers product awareness, domestic & commercial applications, multiple uses, reusing capability, storage, handling, special features, terms and conditions, wholesale purchase and maintenance for long term use of aids.

Further, Brian added, “Our videos provide complete packaging solutions by answering the common and rare queries which may arise in the mind of users regarding a particular product”. Also, “The concerns and answers are clearly addressed to meet all dilemmas in an effective manner”.

Visual content proves great for new announcements to be well explained for audiences of different verticals. “Uploading such videos brings us nearer to our audience because it creates a personalized approach with them. With this we extend an arm to viewers to subscribe to the channel and get quick news to act upon”.

Wait no more and subscribe to the YouTube channel now! Learn details of various industrial and medical packaging supplies to conveniently order wholesale quantity at a reduced price.

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About PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is top leader of industrial and medical packaging products with service features including secure ordering & same day shipping, this company offers a host of packing products for household and commercial purposes.

What is VCI

VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, also referred as Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors. This compound discharges molecules in the air. When the compounds come in close contact with metal surfaces then they form a thin deposit of molecular layer, which effects the corrosion formed over the metal surface by preventing moisture and air from coming in contact with the surface. To counteract any metal related damages during storage and shipping, a popular product known as VCI Stretch Wrap enables users to complete such tasks.

VCI Stretch wrapUnlike other means of corrosion protection, rust prevention, and the inhibiting vapors that exist, VCI Stretch Wrap uniquely safeguards those intricate surfaces which would otherwise be hard to clean with common rust prevention objects.

In what conditions will VCI work?

The VCI Hand Stretch wrap Film works better for items within an enclosed setting. The enclosure can be a bag, drawer or a box. The tape is convenient to be wrapped on different sizes of packages.

Features of VCI Protective Film Benefits of VCI Protective Film

Secures precious metals like copper, steel, brass in shipments

This innovative VCI stretch film is ideal for unitizing heavy loads, wrapping and banding

Prevents corrosion and rust plus contaminates which can otherwise harm the metals

Available in variety of sizes and thickness

Effective economic solution for moving metal products when compared to other damage prevention methods

Keeps metal clean and safe while containing load for safety

Protects metal products like coils, sheets, bearings, pistons, pumps, tubes, crankshafts, electronics, circuit breaker box, gun cabinets, storage containers, computers, valuables, electrical switches and wires

Saves time and effort compared to conventional wrapping methods

Transparent and scratch resistant Easy to use with no prior preparation

Easy to locate your stock products. Able to be applied so that the integrity of the product is not compromised.

The multi-metal formulation keeps the parts free and clean from corrosion in storage and shipment

Save For Sure With 15% LABOR DAY SALE From PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com offers a Labor Day Sale on all website purchases. As way to show our appreciation, this sale is to honor all the hard work and efforts put forth by employees throughout the year. With the summer month’s being one the busiest times for product shipments, traveling and transitioning, this sale is quite timely for individuals and vendors who need to restock on various supplies likeziplock bags, shipping mailing envelopes, stretch wrap, industrial gloves, tape and a complete range of medical supplies.

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day marks the end of the summer season where outdoor excursions and activities begin winding down. This National Holiday gives people a chance to enjoy leisure time, family, food and fun, allowing them to relax from the hustle and bustle of daily work environment pressure. In the year 1882 this idea of providing a holiday for workers began to float and by 1894 it was instituted by the United States Government as a recognized holiday. With the intentions being to appreciate laborers and trade organizations, political candidates also saw this as an opportunity to engage citizens and sponsor festivals to entertain their districts. The reason for choosing the first Monday of September was to add a holiday in-between Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

Big Saving Fest

Being that this is the high point of the season for transitional moving and product deliveries, If you were thinking of buy packing materials, you’ll experience grand savings regarding a wide range of industrial packaging and medical supplies. Items such as ziplock bags, shipping envelopes, industrial gloves, tape, medical supplies and stretch wrap can come in handy with same day shipping. This sale offers a golden chance for customers to stock plenty of products for domestic and commercial use. This advantage will offer more consumer buying power and enable vendors to retrieve more profit gains.

You can shop for almost all products from 2mil plastic bags to Glamour Bubble mailers and enjoy some discounts on each and every purchase. Using substandard packaging products can heavily cost a company, leaving them at risk for having their products damaged or tampered with during transit.

Genuine SALE

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com guarantees that every product on sale will not be degraded by using low cost material which does not serve the purpose for longtime.

There are no additional terms and conditions rolled out when you come with a desire to purchase products that often lead to disappointment, announced by vendors.

This is not a sheer marketing trick to pull regular customers to the website by calling a Sale, rather it’s established to provide greater discounts on all overstock products.

You can use Coupon Code: LaborDay2014 for 15% off for discounts pertaining to a single unit or bulk quantity

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Fast Facts About Industrial And Food Packaging Supplies Bags

Plastic Packaging Supplies are made from premium polyethylene material with solid bubble cushioning which makes it secure and dependable in providing great protection for shipments during transit. These are available in many sizes for fragile and non-fragile goods.

Properties of Polyethylene

  • Approved by FDA for food handling/processing
  • Resists corrosion, abrasion, odors and stains
  • Low co efficiency to friction
  • High impact durability and strength up to 180°F
  • Good tensile stiffness and strength
  • Easy to disinfect and clean
  • Easily pressed or extruded
  • Vacuum formable

The plastic shipping packing supplies have a rigid nature due to HDPE which allows the manufacturers to use it in two forms, for chemical containers or food storage.

Such industrial packaging supplies can be recycled many times as the HDPE can even be used for pipe fittings, trays, cutting boards and tanks. It’s also even used for composite wood and plastic composites, having recycled polymers which lead the way for manufacturing again.

Specifics about plastic packaging supplies

Polyethylene packaging is FDA approved for storage of food. In the United States, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates food safety including all forms of plastics.  Plastics like polyethylene and polystyrene are used in food packaging because of the consistent long term integrity for passing the stringent procedures of the FDA. Once the agency finds them safe and suitable to use for diverse packaging applications, they’re immediately ready to be used in the market.

Modern food plastic packaging supplies —like the heat-sealed wraps and pouches—keep foods fresh, protecting it from contamination. According to packaging experts, every plastic packaging pound can reduce the food waste up to 1.7 pounds.

Different plastics can be extruded, molded, and casted into limitless films, foams and shapes. This feature of resourcefulness delivers more use with minimal resources, consumes less material, and creates less waste with few CO2 emissions compared to alternative materials. Therefore, plastics contribute to efficient packaging which conserves resources.

Versatile Applications Of The Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum Foil tape has many applications in various industries. These tapes come in a wide variety of sizes and types, each designed for specific tasks. Considerably, amongst the H.V.A.C. industry, (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) usage of this pressure sensitive adhesive tape is regularly acquired for sealing insulated joints or mechanical ventilation systems. This tape has a shiny UV resistant foil which enhances the application appearance, yet remains flexible and able to attach to uneven or curved surfaces with ease.

Aluminum Foil TapeAnother significant tape, Duct Tape works great for binding metal or fibrous ducts. As air ducts distribute air throughout the vents within your home, duct tape prevents air leakage and lowers energy costs. Therefore, this tape is engineered for aggressive & long lasting pressure, maintaining greater bonding than any other tape regardless if it’s zero or high temperature settings.

If you are choosing the adhesive tape for specific application, make sure to consider the following:

  • Surface
  • Moisture conditions and service temperature
  • Application conditions
  • Specific service requirements

For Example, foil tape is a common aluminum tape that seals joints and layers of metal duct sheets so that your duct is flexible. This tape is even used within the air conditioning industry for sealing the air grill. Therefore, foil tape is extensively used for ventilation and air conditioning repair and installation purposes, just like thread is used in the garment industry. This tape comes in handy when you want to seal leaks or join parts.

Similarly, nowadays it is common to use a fiberglass lining in the insulation industry covered with a radiant barrier and vapor (called facing). Since the radiant barrier/vapor is typical, aluminum foil tape is used to aid in reinforcement techniques alongside fiberglass yarn and Kraft paper scrim.

To simply put it, for normal radiant barrier and insulation facing performance, every joint is sealed with aluminum adhesive tape. There are many types of tape used for heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and insulation. All tapes have a broad application range in regard to climatic conditions whether they’re cold (-35 degrees F) temperatures or hot temperatures (250 degrees F).

For any job related to air conditioning, insulation or ventilation, the installer will need a roll or two of aluminum duct tape!